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Gaga, Asia and Taylor Kinney ♥♥ (em at Harper’s Bazaar Party)

On the evening of this Wednesday (09/10), Lady Gaga performed for an audience of 15-20 thousand people in Dubai, in her first concert in the Middle East region. 
Out of respect for local culture, Lady Gaga made ​​some changes in concert, scolding songs, leaving singing “Aura” and changing costumes. 
The show did not count on the catwalks. Only concerts in arenas have the complete structure for several reasons. 
Despite knowing the controversy it would cause, Gaga did not changed any part of “Born this Way” and continued with his support for the LGBT community. 
The song “Sexxx Dreams” was presented in a censored as “X Dreams” version. 
Gaga did not read any fan letter, although many have thrown their tickets on stage. 
Lady Gaga tried to speak a few words in Arabic, interacted well with the audience and made ​​a beautiful speech talking about how important it was for her to be taking their message to Dubai. 
Because of the clothes, Gaga failed to perform some parts of the choreography of “Venus”. 
The clothing “X Dreams” and “Alejandro” has not changed. 
Lady Gaga has not changed clothes onstage during “Ratchet”. 
More than 50 machines were cooling the air in place to ensure the comfort of the public. 
About 10 ventilators were directed to the stage supporting Lady Gaga and the dancers, who braved the heat to 33 degrees. 
The security of Lady Gaga caught the attention of some fans who were being rude to each other. 
According to media reports, more than 80% of tickets were sold. 
There was confusion in the queue to decide who would be the first fans to enter. The organization took to open the gates and some fans fainted because of the heat. 
Lady Gaga Before entering, the crowd began booing due to a time delay. 
Lady Gaga removed her wig during “Swine”. 
Overall, the show was widely praised by the public on social networks. Some people have posted that Lady Gaga was doing playback due to the “very high” basis during songs like “Just Dance”, “Poker Face” and “Telephone”.

Gaga arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel. 9.12.14 HQ

Lady Gaga yesterday in Tel Aviv. (09.13)


The most important difference between Madonna and Lady Gaga has nothing to do with their music at all.

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